Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, here it goes. Seems to me that this is as good a day to begin a blog as any. Seeing as how it is my birthday. The big Three-Three. WOW!!!! Am I really that old? can't be. I don't feel it so that is good. It was a not so busy day today which in my opinion is good. i found out that one of the other teachers shares the same birthday with me. So Dad don't worry I did not have to have a solo birthday. I gave him a present with two little toys and a creampuff and he wrote "Happy Birthday" in Japanese on a little plaque for me. It is very beautiful to see and he did a very nice job. Which is good seeing as he is the Kanji teacher at school.

Tonight I think that we will have a mini BBQ here at the house. Just the family. have our own Yaki-niku Party. Get some good veggies and meat and throw it all on the grill and have a feast. It will be delicious.

Well that is it for the first entry. more to come soon. I hope.

(see you soon)

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kate said...

Hey kev! happy birthday to you and your blog. great way to email everyone at the same time. i hope the trip with the gr hooligans goes well. have fun on the bullet train. love ya - katie