Monday, February 4, 2008

I Hate Monday but Sunday was Kinda Fun

Well another Monday is over. Tuesday here we come. We had a fun weekend. It was setsubun yesterday and we had an exciting full day yesterday. We had two adventures yesterday and I will take a moment to tell about one of them. Yesterday the Kyoto International Center hosted a Japanese cultural fair. We headed off to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the country in which we live. We were able to try our hand at writing kanji with a brush and various other things. I was unsuccessful at guessing the correct incense smell in the incense game. I though that Jenny would do better at it but she talked me into doing it. Jenny also almost tried on a kimono but the line was quite long and she figured that if she wanted she could wear hers around the house. Our favorite activity that we tried was the tea ceremony. It was fun mixing the matcha tea with the little bamboo whisk. Logan had a great time helping me. Most of the people were surprised to discover that Logan loves the taste of the strongest of the green teas. From the very beginning of our time here Logan has been a big fan of the flavor of matcha tea. Any time we get ice cream he always wants green tea flavor. Yesterday he and I worked together to mix and drink the tea. I took a little sip after giving the tea bowl the requisite quarter turn in a clockwise direction. Then Logan took a large quaff of tea. The hosts of the area were very shocked to see him enjoy the frothy thick tea. When he exclaimed in a very loud voice, "Oishiiiii!!" (delicious) they began to laugh with excitement. We finished the tea and Logan tried to drain the last few drops from the bowls. He came close to trying to lick the bottom of the bowl. I laughed because the hosts were afraid that the tea would be too bitter for him. It was only a small part of our day but it was fun. I will tell more about it later.

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