Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well tomorrow is the big day. We are leaving Japan after living here for two years. The way I reckon it Logan has spent half of his life here. We have had an amazing time and have met a lot of wonderful people who we will miss terribly. But we are also excited to be heading home. It has been a long two years and we have people we love a lot and miss terribly that we will be seeing in a day. It is hard to sum up all the feelings that we have, but the biggest one is excitement. We are going to be back on American soil by this time tomorrow (well, about an hour ago according to our tickets.) So pray for our safety and speed as we head back home. And as we begin the process of once again packing up our belongings and building a new home in a new place. We will take it all one step at a time and just be excited to head back to アメリカ. See you soon.

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