Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jenny's Flowers

In an effort to beautify our somewhat drab apartment building Jenny decided that we should get some flowers. We decided that the best place to go would be the local DIY store, Kahma Home Center. Early Saturday morning (10:30ish) be began the long grueling hike (about 2-3 Kilometers) to the Kahma Home Center. It was a nice walk to accompany a beautiful day. It felt hotter than it was because the sun was shinning so bright. We grabbed some bottled tea from the vending machine to stay hydrated on our arduous journey. We walked for hours (30min.) through the baking sun to find beautiful flowers. Our feet dragging and our throats parched we reached the Kahma Home Center.

We wandered around the air-conditioned oasis for a while to replenish our energy for the return trip. Then we returned to the comfortable shade under the awning to choose some flowers and some planting boxes to put them in. Jenny chose a long rectangular box and two raised urns to plant the flowers in. Then she proceeded to pick out some beautiful flowers to place in the boxes. we also bought two bags of soil. We loaded all of our purchases into our trusty car (stroller) and began the long trip home.

Jenny then planted the flowers and placed them on the landing that is on the way up the stairs. When all of the plants were planted there was still a bag of potting soil left. Jenny decided that the best thing to do would to be to return to the store and buy some more flowers and another box to put them in. So early in the afternoon (5:00) we packed it all up and headed back to the store to get some more flowers. But the best part was that on the return trip we stopped at the grocery store to buy food to Bar-B-Que for dinner. But that my friends is a post for a different day. Ahh.. the Japanese BBQ, a thing of beauty!!!

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Nancy said...

I can picture Ryan doing the same thing in India :) We had a red table cloth on the wall of our first apartment for color.