Saturday, June 2, 2007

Shopping at the AL Plaza

The story goes like this. At the end of Febuary our favorite grocery store, Daiei, closed its doors. They went bust, out of bussiness for ever. This made us very sad. On our first night here in Omihachiman, Daiei was the store that we were brought to. We liked the store for many reasons, one was that the grocery part of the store was wide open and easy to use. Another reason we liked the store is for packing groceries. Here in Japan they do not have bag boy/girls that pack your groceried into bags for you. The cashier puts all of you purchases into a basket and places a few plastic bags in too. And you have to go to a little table and bag your own groceries. We loved shopping at Daiei because they had a nice big table to pack your bags at. (I know that this is a boring story, but it is not really going anywhere.) They also had a few products that we loved. They also had one of the best 100 yen shops in town. So lots of reasons to love Daiei. So we were very sad when they left town.

But yesterday a new store opened its doors in that location. Now Omihachiman has an AL Plaza. It is just another department store. Not much different than most other department stores. Bottom floor of food. Middle floor of clothes. and a top floor with a book store, toys, and a new 100 yen shop. We went for the opening day celebration to see what it would be like. I think that the best word to describe it was "busy". It was a very nice store and we will probably go there often. We bought some lawn chairs for about half price, so I am happy about that. Logan is very happy about having his own Bar-B-Que chair.

The most interesting thing that we saw at the store was the bugs. No! don't worry the new store is not crawling with bugs. they were selling them. Yes there was a display of giant beetles. There were little plastic aquariums with a little divider down the middle, and inside there were two of the "fighting beetles". I was very tempted to buy one, but then I remembered that I am afraid of bugs. And I also thought about how they give me the creeps. Those two reasons and the fact that Jenny said "NO", lead me to not get the bugs. I still think that it is cool that stores here sell bugs. I will go back some time so that I can get a picture of the bugs. Then I will post it here.

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