Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot, Hot Day and Books

Yesterday we headed off to Kyoto. Yes; again. It does seem that we spend quite a bit of our lives in that city. We have been going there about once a week or so over the past month. But with the one year count down clicking away the days, we must be sure to see all the beautiful sights, and do all the exciting things that we want to do, or risk losing the opportunity forever. Yesterday was a big book fair. Lots of merchants were at the shrine where we went and wandered through the water selling their used books. It was a very hot day. I think that the thermometer may have climbed into the upper nineties with very high humidity. But we wandered back to the shrine. We did not get lost this time. We simply went back the opposite way that we went home last time. Smart, eh? We looked around at all the books for a while. Yes I will admit that We did purchase a few books while we were there. I found what appears to be an old script for a play, and we found some children's books. Then we headed north looking for some lunch. We decided not to go to the Falafel Garden again, this time we were off to find a department store. We figured we could wander around in air conditioned delight for a while before heading home. Well the department store ended up being more like the, "Dirt Mall." It was rather old and not much different than what we have here in Omihachiman. We did manage to find some food to eat for lunch. Logan was more into eating ice cream than his food. Jenny and I split a caramel sundae. The best part was the cornflakes that they put on the sundae as a topping. After lunch it was back to Kyoto station for some more wandering around in the climate controlled bliss. We spent time looking around the 12 floor department store that is next to the station. We got home kinda late and ate dinner and pretty much got ready for bed.

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