Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chugga-Chugga, Choo-Choo

We have had another busy weekend here in Japan. It has been really hot here, but that has not stopped us from getting out and exploring all that this great country has to offer. Saturday we went to a museum that we have been wanting to take Logan to for a while now, The Kyoto Steam Locomotive Train Museum. Logan really loves to ride trains, he loves to play with his trains, and he also loves Thomas the Tank Engine. We thought that this would make the trip to a train museum a perfect fit for him. And we were correct. We rode the train down to Kyoto. Then it was a twenty minute walk from the station to the museum. The museum was a a bit tricky to find, but not nearly as difficult to find as our trip last weekend. We found the museum and went in. The museum really consisted of about fifteen old steam locomotives. It was really kinda neat to see and in some cases climb aboard and play engineer. The trains were all really neat and Logan had a great time. I think that his favorite part was the ride we took. We were able to take a ten minute trip on a real steam train. Logan was very excited and decided that we were going to ride in Annie. Now if you don't already know, Annie is the passenger car that is pulled by Thomas on his branch line. I will say that I am pretty sure that the sound of a real steam train's whistle came as quite a shock to Logan. As he is used to the quiet and musical, "peep-peep" from the Thomas videos. We really did have a nice morning at the museum.

Then it was off to do some shopping in the big city. I wanted to visit an outdoor sporting goods store that I had just read about, and I wanted to visit a camera shop to see if I could get a bargain on a tripod for our camera. I managed to find a new hat at the hiking shop, but the tripod was more expensive in the big city than at our little shop here in town. Next we decided to get some lunch. We decided on an Indian restaurant. We were very disappointed when we got there and they were closed. So we went to a different pace and had beef-bowls. Well to be truthful, I had an eel and beef bowl, logan had a beef bowl, and Jenny had a piece of salmon, some soup and a bowl of rice. I never thought that I would eat eel, much less say that I thought that it was rather delicious, but I have to admit that it is. Then we wandered around the shopping district for a while, and finally headed home. We made it home after a quick pit stop at Mickey D's for a McFlurry and a cheeseburger; but mostly to stay out of the rain that freakishly began to pour the moment we left the train station. It was a busy day, but that seems to have become our life in these past few months. It is quite a departure from our old life where hangin' out around the house was the status quo.

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