Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Best Friends

Well it is official. Logan now has a new best friend. Logan has always been very friendly with the other children in the neighborhood, but especially with one boy in particular. His name is Shu. Shu scoots around the neighborhood on his little police car scooter, and has always been kind enough to let Logan to ride it too. Last night when we were barbecuing with our neighbors and Shu and Logan were playing in the parking-lot. Then Shu's mom came over and told him that it was time to eat dinner. Logan was having so much fun driving the car that she said that he could use it. Logan was very grateful. Tonight after dinner there was a knock at the door. There was Shu and his mom. They came over to see if Logan wanted to play. We all went out to the parking-lot and drove Shu's scooter. Logan drove and Shu pushed. Then it was over to the vacant lot where the boys played in the rocks. It was so great to see Logan play with a friend. Logan was very sad when Shu had to go home and eat supper, but then again, Logan had to go and finish his.


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