Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Day at the Park

We were woken up by a ringing telephone this morning. It was Eric Kane, a friend who lives here in Omihachiman with his wife and daughter. He invited us with them to a park to play and picnic. A friend of his is here from America, with his son and daughter visiting his parents. There was quite a crew of kids at the park. There was Logan, Eric's daughter Selina, and the Honda family with Sage and Sorlara. It was very nice for Logan because Sage is the same age as Logan. They had a great time playing together all day. The park itself was the biggest I have seen here in Japan. I really felt like we were back home, except for all the mountains that were surrounding us. There were big play structures for the kids to climb on. Logan and Sage both loved the one that was shaped like a train. They both took turns being the train driver and going to the monkey park. Whoever was not the train driver was the monkey. We also had fun playing soccer, frisbee and running. The highlight of the day for all the kids was chasing the adults with squirt guns. Eric brought a couple of buckets and about ten good o'l fashioned squirt guns. It was nice and hot today, perfect weather for having a three year old squirt you with a squirt gun.

It was definitely a perfect spontaneous day. With the ringing of the phone at a bit past nine to the time we got home a little after five, we just had a lot of great fun. So I thought i would share with you all about our wonderful day.


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