Friday, July 13, 2007

I'd Worry if...My Neighbor's Name was Noah

It has been raining almost all week here. There have been a few spots of sun, and a couple of consecutive hours of no rain, but as a whole this has been one wet week. Yesterday was the worst though. I had to go to Kirihara Elementary school for a day of English fun. Kirihara is about a twenty-five minute bike ride from home so I had to leave wet and early in the morning. I wanted to say bright and early, while it was early the day certainly was not bright. A steady rain was falling as I rode to school that morning. I was to teach sixth grade and fourth grade. I was a bit nervous because the fourth grade was going to be not only students, but parents too. One hundred sixty people in the gym having fun with English. It ended up being a lot of fun. While I was teaching the second class of the day though the rain began to pour. It was a great time to teach the sixth grade students the phrase "raining cats and dogs". But I digress... It has been many years since I have seen rain that hard. It was falling in sheets. Amazing to watch and then I began to worry about having to ride my bike home in rain that would be falling so hard that I might get hurt by. Then a teacher told me that her car was big enough to hold my bike and that she would give me a ride home. That was a load off my shoulders. I finished out the day and had lunch with the students and their parents. Then as it was time to go home the weather cleared up and the rain stopped. I was able to ride home and I didn't even get wet. This morning it was raining again and it has rained all day. We had to go and get some food for the weekend because there is a typhoon headed our way. So we may be homebound all weekend thanks to the rain. On a positive note; after the typhoon passes on Sunday the weather is supposed to be great. The temperature will be pleasant and the sun will come out. Which is good news because on Tuesday there is a giant festival in Kyoto called the Gion Matsuri. We have been waiting to see this festival. Check back later in the week to learn more about it.

ame (rain)

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