Sunday, July 15, 2007

Typhoon Number Four; aka: Man-Yi

We survived our first typhoon last night. Typhoon number four hit Shiga a little after midnight last night. The rain has been falling for about a week here, and yesterday was no different. It rained all day. We stayed in the house all day long. Then the wind began to howl about midnight. We lay on our futon listening to the rain fall on the roof. The sound of the rain made me remember rainstorms while camping. Hearing the raindrops falling on the roof, and the walls shudder in the wind, I felt as if I were camping out for the evening. It was not nearly as bad as it could have been. We are far enough inland and north that the savage winds and rain that displaced thousands in southern and western Japan did not do any damage to our area. The items that were left out on our porch were still there this morning. I would place living through this typhoon on the list of new and interesting things that we have experienced while living here in Japan. Right up there with earthquakes. Which while they happen every once and a while still excite me a bit.

taifuu (typhoon)


kate said...

I wsa worried. but it sounds like you weren't. now I here there was a deathly earthquake to the northwest!

Kevin Myers said...

yeah I felt the quake. It kinda shook the house a bit.