Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rubbing a Little Salt in the Wound

Well we found ourselves eating dinner at McDonalds tonight. Not entirely unusual for us living here. About once a month or so we get a hankerin' for a little taste of home so it is off to MikeyD's for us. That however was not the plan for tonight. Friday night Jenny wanted some American food so we put off having sushi at home and ended up eating yakisoba and okonomiyaki. (Neither of which is American)

We were going to make our own sushi for dinner. Don't worry, we rarely use raw fish. Most of the time we use tuna salad, avacado, and cucumber, with sushi rice, all wrapped up in a sheet of nori. We also make homemade inari sushi, which is rice stuffed into a thin piece of fried tofu. Absolutely delicious. Sushi rice is surprisingly easy. Some Japanese rice, rice wine vinegar, sugar and a bit of salt, all mixed together and viola you have sushi rice. Well we bought some sugar at the store last week. And tonight Jenny cooked up the rice and mixed up the vinegar, sugar and salt mixture. She mixed the dressing into the rice and gave it a taste to check how it turned out. Well as it turned out, it about came back out. She practically spit it out saying that it tasted a bit salty. I gave it a taste and it was more than a little salty. It was saltier than the Dead Sea. We both looked at each other and then checked the bag of "sugar" that we bought last week. I stuck my finger into the bag and then into my mouth and; well the sugar was not sugar. It was salt. Instead of adding two tablespoons of sugar to the vinegar Jenny added two tablespoons of salt. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! Sometimes being illiterate really sucks. Plus it doesn't help that the salt and sugar look identical, are packaged in the same type of packaging and are right next to each other on the store self. Oh well. We scrapped the rice, put the tuna salad, avacado, cucumber and inari wrappers back into the fridge and headed off to McDonalds. Maybe tomorrow we will try for sushi again. After a trip to the store for some sugar. This time I will remember to bring the dictionary with us.


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kate said...

I did that once with hummus. I added 3 tablespoons of salt, it called for 3 tablespoons of tahini, and 3 table spoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of salt. not 3 tablespoons of salt. blech.